Type of Visa



For the convenience of the applicant(s), BLS International will provide a few Value Added Services in the application center(s). These services are optional and can be availed with an additional service charge. The Value Added Services are:

1.   Rekkomandert Post Charges

Upon availing Rekkomandert postal service (REK), the processed documents will be sent through secure registered post. This service can be requested while submitting the applications in the visa application center. Rekkomandert Post Charges Nok 200

2.   Photography services

BLS visa application center has an in-house photo-booth facility which enables the applicants to get their photographs as per the specifications laid down by the Embassy of India, Oslo, Norway. A set of 4(minimum) photographs (5*5cm size) can be availed at  Nok 120.


3.  SMS Service

To track your application, the applicants have the option to subscribe for the sms service.
Under this servie, the applicants will get three smses, one at the time of Registration of the application, second at the time when the application and passport is sent to thr Embassy for processing, and third at the time, when the passport is received back from the Embassy so that the applicant(s) can collect it from BLS Center.
This optional service costs Nok 20,- per applicant (Nok 7,- per sms *3 sms =Nok 20)


4.  Form Filling E-Visa

Applicants can avail this service for  NOK 100,- per application (Charges include document uploading also.)


5.  Courier Insurance

Applicants can avail this service for  NOK 45,- per application or 1% of the value of the packet, whichever is higher.


6.  Photocopy Service

Applicants can avail this service for  NOK NOK 3.5/ page B&W


7.  Printing Service

Applicants can avail this service for  NOK 5/ page Colour